IT | Information Technology

  IT   |  Information Technology


IT | Information Technology

What does it mean by IT? As its name INFORMATION that mean some processed data that converted into informationand technology that means techniques operated by computer. By reading both words combining we can conclude that information technology is the collection of data that is converted into information and then storing, sending or accessing that information overall this method can be assumed as information technology
Information technology is increasing day by day, if we compare role of IT in 2018 to role of IT in 2010. Only few persons or organization knows about it. But today students are studying IT in colleges and universities.
Now the question is arising.

Why we study IT?

In school, colleges, and universities management have to handle students data, faculty data in short every employee data handling. 
In every organization data is very important for them. Many companies have such important and for handling such data for companies or organization hire the IT professionals. IT professionals could be those students who study IT in colleges and universities.
Many mobile phone companies hire such IT professionals for mobile networking.
In IT field, technologies includes routing, networking, internetworking, data processing and much more.
IT has endless benefits and moreover IT professionals have higher salaries in every organization.

Largest IT companies :

  • ·       Apple Inc.
  • ·       Samsung
  • ·       Foxconn
  • ·       Alphabet Inc.
  • ·       Microsoft
  • ·       Hitachi
  • ·       IBM
  • ·       Huawei
  • ·       Dell
  • ·       Sony

These are the some international standards level IT companies.


Moreover, IT related to computer hardware, software, electronics, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services.
 IT plays important role in every field today. Many organizations, companies even in restaurants there is IT department. You can guess the scope of IT professionals that have great skills and commands on IT. They have amazing salary package and running there life happily.
Many of students changed their mind to do IT and want to be IT professionals.
Because of its scope is very high. In schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, telephone companies, building development companies, Road construction companies have IT department in their organization and need a lot of IT professionals. IT is now becoming the heart if all organization.


Most developed part of IT is artificial intelligence, in this section we will discuss about computer that works automatically like robotics.
Robotics could be humanoid robots that work and look like human
Or could be like computer machinery. There are thousands of human robots and best computer machinery robot is GOOGLE CAR.
Google car automatically move left or right by sensing hurdles and traffic or automatically stop or do any action by detecting signs of road e.g. stop sign or red signal or parking sign. Did you hear or read about this before? This is reality not a movie part there are thousands of google car in the world.
Humanoid robots look like human and work like humans, In UAE
Most restaurants have waiter that serve the guest with delicious foods and those waiters are robots. They programmed to do only specific task and most important thing some scientists made robot like animals that are amazing programmed to do many tasks. In IT many of new technologies have been developed. There are many of robots developed for heart surgery and many more sensitive operations.
IT professionals needed to connect the two building to share their data or information. IT professionals in many departments are in high demands.
The field of IT professionals has endless technology


For students, IT is becoming for helpful, they can do their task in study, and they can make their presentation by collection data from internet and use it for their useful topics. They can make their thesis or project ideas by these students could be IT professionals. By studying ICT that is subject in bachelor level and have a lot of information. Hundreds of techniques are discussed their. Wired and wireless technologies are discuss their.

Top 5 Computer Languages

Top 5 Computer Languages

Computer Languages
Top 5 computer languages 


It is a Computer language that was developed in 1993 for students to write programs in BASIC. Actually basic use numbers in each instruction for example the line of the programs will be normally 10,20,30,40 etc. Every Body can program in basic without the knowledge of Mathematics and Science. But the main focus is that how much you work hard and practice in Basic.   


Common Business oriented language this was developed in 1960. The latest ANSI standard has Object Oriented Programming to COBOL in 1985. The main aim of COBOL is to provide easy access to the non-programmers for example computer users and organizational related peoples. COBOL is a one of the computer language that is high standard and rich language.


FORTRAN Formula Translation computer programming language was Develop by famous computer company IBM in 1950s. It was used for all scientific purposes. Object Oriented Programming language that can run very fast on even super computers. FORTRAN new version is FORTRAN 90 available now days.


Denis Ritchie was Developed C language in Bell Lab between the time 1969 and 1973. C Computer language is what that you really know about how a computer really works.  After learning C language you will be able to write best programs even in any language. C language should be first computer language for all programmers now a days. After doing work on C language they will be able to work with all languages just little difference.


PHP is a computer programming language that is used for develop websites. It is very high level language even Facebook is made with PHP language.  PHP uses MySQL database to control back-end all working.  If you want to do works with websites or web applications then you have to learn PHP language.  PHP have different Frameworks.  One of the most famous and easiest framework is Word Press. 

Programming Languages

Programming Languages 

Programming Languages
Programming Languages

Programming Languages:

A set of words, symbols and codes used to write programs is called programming language. There are different type of programming languages are there for different type of tasking to be done in different programs.

There are two types of computer programming languages.

  • Low level Programming Languages.
  • High level Programming Languages.

  1. Low Level Programming Languages.

These programming languages are near to computer hardware and far away from the human languages. So the computer can easily understand these type of programming languages. When we are going to write in a low level programming languages when we should have a deep knowledge of the internal structure of the computer hardware. Low level programming languages are machine language and assembly language.

  • Machine  Programming Language.

This Programming language have only two digits to write programs. 0 and 1 this is called binary system. Machine programming language is the only language that is directly accepted by computers and its fundamental language of computer systems. Machine programming language belongs to first generation language. Its very difficult for humans and easy for machines. 

  • Assembly Programming Language.

This programming language is also low level just one step forward to machine programming language.  This assembly programming language uses the symbols instead of binary code.
These symbols are called mnemonics. Assembly programming language is called symbolic language. However assembly programming language is easy for humans than machine programming language.

       2. High Level Programming Languages.

High level programming languages are easy to understand for humans because these programming languages have human languages like words for example input output etc these are driven form English language. Programs are written in high level programming languages can easily to write and modify then low level programming languages. These programming can divided into these categories.

  1. Procedural Programming Languages
  2. Object Oriented Programming Languages.
  3. Non-Procedural Programming Languages.

  • Procedural Programming Languages

  2. BASIC
  3. COBOL
  5. C

  • Procedural Programming Languages

  1. C++
  2. JAVA

  • Non-Procedural Programming Languages.

  1. SQL
  2. RPG

What is Programming ?

 What is programming ?

What is Programming
what is programming

Programming : 

A Set of instructions that tells a computer what to do is called program and a computer works according to the given instructions in the program the instructions are given to computer in computer language. This all process is called programming.

Programming is the only way to make computers use able for humans. With Programming Programmers give us solutions of all problems in fastest way what computers provide to us.

How To Use Windows Defender in Windows | How to Update Windows Defender

How To Use Windows Defender in Windows  |   How to Update Windows Defender

  • Go to search bar Search for windows Defender
  • Click on the Windows defender icon to open.
  • After you click on the icon you will see the following picture.
if it is show same like showing green PC then its a good news for you your PC is protected. And protection is on. You just have to Update it click on the Update definition button.

This will take some time to Update so wait for few minutes.

After Completion it will show you message Up to  date definitions.  Then your PC is Protected and Updated Windows Defender.

Microsoft Office 2010 | Microsoft Office Tutorials

How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 | Microsoft Office Tutorials

  • Here i will show you how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on your System. 

  • Download Microsoft Office or Boot from Disk.If you want to download here are some website link to download Software.
  • Open your folder where is the downloaded file or open disk. And go to Setup file.

  • Double Click on the Setup File it will looks like this picture.
  • After double Click on the Setup then Check I agree the term and conditions.

  • After Check on the I agree with term of conditions   Click on Continue.

  • A window will open having 2 options Install Now  and Customize ....
  • If you Click on Install Now this will Install your Office in C partition  and If you want to Customize you can select and Customize it. After Customizing Click on Install Now.

  • When you Click on Install now then Installation Progress will be shown to you on the Screen.

  • Installation Progress Can take few minutes.

  • After Installation there will be show complete installation. SO then go to search bar and search for office 2010.
  • This will show you all installed applications word , excel, PowerPoint etc. 

How to Install Window On PM Laptop Haier Y11B laptop With Bootable USB | Bootable button on keyboard

How to Install Window On PM Laptop Haier Y11B laptop  With Bootable USB  | Bootable button on keyboard.

If you have Laptop Haier Model Y11B PM Laptop Scheme . And you want to install windows from your USB and having trouble with boot menu Button then here is a solution for you .
Just Follow instructions.
  1. Power Off your Laptop.
  2. Attach your Bootable USB 
  3. Power On and Press ESC Button in the corner on your laptop 
  4. Pressing ESC button will keep you to Bios Option 
  5. Select Boot option 
  6. Change boot option #1   From window boot manager " P3: Lite on CS-1SP 32"    To     " UEFI : Smi USB Disk 1100, Portion 1 " 
  7. Go to Save and Exit 
  8. Tab and click on " Save changes and Exit
  9. Pop Up Window come Press Yes.
After that steps your window will start...

Haier Y11B Laptop Turn On Issue Resolved | PM Scheme Haier Touch Screen Laptop Turn On Display Issue

Haier  Y11B Laptop Turn On Issue Resolved | PM Scheme Haier Touch Screen Laptop Turn On Issue

If you have Haier Y11B Laptop Touch Screen and you are struggling with Turn it on even some times it maybe on and not Show Display Just Show Curse or Pointer and nothing other option on the screen and screen shows you black. If you are facing this problem then don't worry about It. 

Just Follow This Steps ...
  • Charge your Laptop if its not Charged 
  • Go to Power Button of the Laptop on the head of the laptop.
  • Press Long the Power Button till the light near charging power light not bling. 
  • Power on it again it will be normal on as usual before..
  • Enjoy...

if you have still problem.. or not resolve your problem with this solution then comment me i will resolve your problem.

email me

Microsoft Office Tricks

Saving Your time in Microsoft Word Job | How to Save Your time While doing MS Word Work

  • Don't Waste Your Time to Scrolling Up 
if you want to go to first page of the document then don't waste your time to scrolling up Just Press with your keyboard   CTRL  + Home

  • Go to last Page with CTRL + END 

When you want to go to last page not waste your time with scrolling just press CTRL + END and go to last page of your document

  • Never Forget to Use The Time Saver 
Yes its a really time saver for you while you are typing anything in any document make it habit to pressing regularly CTRL + S  injuries can happen at any time there maybe some crash then you may loss of some one hour of your working so make your self every time be your self safe and be a wise and save your time.

windows 10 Game options

How to Play Games with windows 10 | Built in options 

  • If you are a Gamer then its a good news for you because windows 10 have a built in options of gaming mood.

  • To open the game bar as showing in the picture press just Window key and G then the game mood will be open at your screen.

This is the game bar it will allows you to take screen shots make video etc whatever a gamer wants in playing a game.

Download | Free Software Download

Top Best Websites to Download Free Software 

Here i will will tell you how to download free software from internet and show you 10 top websites that allows you to download free Software

This is a one of the oldest website it was build in 1994 it give you almost all software free of cost.

from tucows downloads you can download software by category for example if you are windows user then you can click on windows menu and all the software related to windows will expands. This website also provides useful links to download free software.

FileHorse is a website that provide you almost all software for free only for the windows users the website is user friendly user can easily find the software what they want to download. There is category wise software so that user can easily access.

All in all it is best website for windows operating system users to download free software.

This is a website that provides free software for windows and Mac 
it has a category section that allows user to select software easily it has a review option where user can give their reviews.

it is a very nice website that allows user to download software related to Windows Mac and Mobile. It has a very useful category that makes the user select software very easily with no efforts.

FileHippo is a website that allows user to download software related to any categories FileHippo also show popular software. It was found in 2004 for the first time in internet world. 

Softpedia is a website that is very beautiful designed and having a lot of categories related to windows Mac android and Linux operating system software and applications. 

It also provide latest reviews and news and overall its very nice website to download free software.

  • Brothersoft

Brothersoft is a more visited website for downloading software and drivers. It has more than 200,000 software drivers and other related applications. 

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you Must know about | Windows 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you Must know about | Windows 10 Best Short keys 

  • Take a Shot of Screen Some Specific Area.

  • Make Two Screen of browser as you required on your PC Screen.
Most of time we need to work and also watch some movie or drama or match, we go to browser and adjust with mouse. but here is solution with keyboard just press window key and short or big sign on keyboard then it will adjust automatically.

  • Rename any folder without using mouse.

Just pressing F2 on keyboard to rename a folder. 

  • Making Virtual Desktop 
If you want to make virtual desktop on your computer then just press WINDOW and CTRL  and D  on your keyboard.

  • Switch Between Virtual Desktop

When you want to switch between desktop then press Window key and CTRL and short or long on your keyboard. This will give show you different desktop views.

  • Copy Text Without Original Format

Most of times we copy some paragraph from internet and put into our Microsoft word file, but its formatting is not according to our desire. we should have a lot of time to make it to same format as we have already.  So there is shortcut key on your keyboard to copy text without original formatting.

  • Lock Your PC 
You have a shortcut for lock your PC just press WINDOW key and L key and your PC will automatically will lock.

  • Hide all Windows that you are working 
Assume you are working some secret work that you don't want to show someone and suddenly someone appear what will you prefer to do ?
Will you shutdown your PC ?
No no don't do that just Press WINDOW key and D key on your Keyboard and all your working windows will hide and you will go to desktop.

  • Zoom in Windows Stuff.

  • Zoom Out Windows Stuff.

  •  Default Size of Windows Stuff.

if you have any Question you can comment and i will give you answer.

How to hide and unhide Text in Microsoft Word | Microsoft Word Tutorials

How to hide and unhide Text in Microsoft Word | Microsoft Word Tutorials 

Open Microsoft Word Document 
write something which you gonna experiment on your Microsoft word document.

After writing your text  Select the all text by pressing Ctrl + A on Keyboard or with mouse 

Then Click with mouse where i show the red cursor in the top or press with keyboard Ctrl + D 

When you Press Ctrl + D or press with mouse then you will see this dialog box on the screen.Check the Box Hidden.

Check the box hidden and after check Press OK button as showing in the picture.

When you press OK button then Your Document Will be Clear and Text will be hide from the screen.

To unhide or bring your text again Just Press Ctrl + *   with keyboard or with mouse as i show the button with highlight with red cursor and circle when you press then you will bring back your text.

If you want to hide again then Press again  Ctrl + *   with keyboard or with mouse as i show the button with highlight with red cursor and circle.