How to be a Programmer | Easy Ways To Gain Programming Skills

How To Be a Programmer | Steps To Gain Programming Skills Early

First of all you have to decide whether you really wants to be a programmer ?

If the answer is yes, then you have to left your girlfriend,
You have to left your laziness, 
You have to decide that you have to work for 18 hours on laptop and most of time you eat while working. 
Programmer is a person who devotes his life for others his family and the world, In other words you can say a Programmer have no life.
 But in the other side he have a lot of money because of his working, and Programmers salaries are very high almost high from all fields of life they are very rich persons. 

Every Person that have enough potential to create something new or different in the fields of Computer Science & IT  or he want to build websites and develop software then  he should  chose the Programmer profession.  But Question is this how to be a Programmer ?  

Here i will tell you how to be a Programmer step by step ...

  • Decide why you wants to be a Programmer.

    Decide why you are going to be a programmer ? 

    1. Want to Develop Websites 
    2. If Want to Be a Website developer then Front End or Back End Developer.
    3. Want to Develop Web Applications
    4. Want to Develop Android Applications 
    5. Want to Develop Desktop Applications 
    6. Want to Develop Software
    7. Want to Develop the Games 

    • Choose your Field which you love the most.

    1. You have to decide your field where you want to go .
    2. Check Programming languages which one you most like. 
    3. Check the programming fields which one is your loving field exists.
    4. Check Other languages and try to do something and choose one from all of the programming fields. 

    1. First go for main programming languages as C++ or Python as beginners.  
    2. Learn their basic concepts.
    3. Learn programming by practically implementation.
    4. Run your programmer and check errors and try to remove them.
    5. Take help from internet.
    6. Take help from a programmer to clear your concepts.

    • Learn Language which is relevant to your field 

    • Website developer 

    • Front End Developer 
    • HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap. 
    • Back end Developer 
    • PHP,  MySql, Python, Ruby, C, C++,  Java, SQL. 
    • Software Developer
    • Java, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, 

    • Join  Programming Communities 

    1. Facebook Groups 
    2. Twitter 
    3. Linkedin
    4. Yahoo Questions 

    • Search the web related to Programming

    1. Google to search topic 
    2. YouTube for videos
    3. W3Schools
    4. KhanAcademy
    5. Udemy 
    6. CodeAcademy 
    7. and Many more search on google for best websites to learn Programming 

    • Meet with a Programmer related to your field

    1. Discuss how to program 
    2. How to get Started
    3. What should you do in starting 
    4. Discuss your Dream field 
    5. Discuss how you can take start.

    What is a Programmer ? | What are different programmers ?

    Who is a Programmer? | What is a Programmer | Programmer 


    A programmer is a person who is indulges with coding to complete projects related to website development software development and applications etc.  Programmer solves the real time problems of the people with his programming logic. He solves almost all problems to make people life easier. They are providing variety of solutions. 

    1. Software Programmer

    2. Website Developer / Web Programmer

    3. Full Stack Developer / Programmer

    4. Web Applications Developer / Web Application Programmer

    5. Desktop Applications Programmer

    6. Android Application Programmer

    • Software Programmer
    software Programmer 

    Programmers Provide the solutions about almost all categories that are used in this world to save our lives. For example commercial use software, personal use software, educational use software, organizational use software, utility software by using different programming languages like C,  Java,  C++, Python, Visual Programming etc to give the best solutions according to the clients requirements.
    • Website Developer / Web Programmer 
    Web Programmer

    A website developer or Web Programmer is a person who develops websites. A web Programmer provide solutions in websites he develop website according to the client requirements. He build as client require the solutions. They use  HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, PHP, MySql, Python, Ruby to provide best solutions according to client requirements, for example educational management system, online education system, community website, social media solutions etc.

    • Full Stack Developer / Programmer 
    Full Stack Programmer 

    Full Stack Developer / Programmer is a Programmer who develop a full website Front end and back end programming, they can provide a complete solution with knowing different programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java Script,  PHP,  Ruby, JQuery, Python, SQL, C, C++, Java etc. They provide a complete solution in website development and software solutions also.  
    • Web Application Developer / Programmer
    Web Programmer 

    Web Application Developer / Programmer are the programmer who provides solutions in developing the web applications. For example What's App web application that we can use in desktop devices. 
    •  Desktop Application Developer / Programmer
    Desktop Application Programmer 

    Desktop application Developer / Programmer is a programmer who develops Desktop Applications for example antivirus, Skype for desktop, Windows Calculator etc. 
    • Android Application Developer / Programmer
    Android Application Developer / Programmer

    Android Application Developer is a Programmer who developed the android applications they developed the applications according to client requirements and provide the solutions. Android application Programmer use Java language and Microsoft Xamrine to build android applications.

    Windows Password Reset

    Windows 10 Password Reset  

    windows password reset

    To Change the Admin Password follow the steps 

    • Go to Search Bar and Search for Command Prompt.
    windows password reset

    • Open Command Prompt.
    windows password reset

    • Command    net user on the command Prompt.
    windows password reset

    • see the result from net user from command prompt.
    windows password reset

    • Take the user name from command Prompt.

    • again put the net user then space and then user name and then again space and put password which you want make new password. 
    windows password reset

    • Press enter 
    windows password reset

    • your password will be change when it is showing that the command successfully completed.

    Windows 10 Password Reset

    Windows 10 Password Reset  

    Change Password windows 10
    windows 10 password reset

    Here i will show you how to change the password in window 10 just follow my steps.

    Step 1 

    Go to search bar and search for Control Panel

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 2 

    Select Control Panel by clicking on showing icon in search bar or just pressing enter by selecting the icon control panel.

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 3 

    Go to User accounts and Click on it.

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 4

    After clicking on the user accounts you will see all user accounts on your computer select one which you want to change the password. Mostly User have only one User account so they should select that account. in my case i have more than one.

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 5 

    After selecting the account which you want to change the password you will show the window like that all options will appears. 

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 6 

    Just click on the change password option.

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 7 

    when you click on change password there will be show you window that will required some information from you Current Password after putting current password then you have to put the New Password and you have to confirm your new password by putting it again and have a password hint.

    windows 10 password reset

    Step 8 

    After Giving all this information you have to click on the Change password option. 
    Your Password has been Changed.😎

    AI | AI (Artificial Intelligence)

                       AI | Artificial intelligence 


    ·       Definition.
    ·       Early history.
    ·       Current status of AI.
    ·       Challenges of AI.
    ·       Future of AI.
    ·       Challenges
    ·       Application of AI.
    ·       Advantages & Disadvantages of AI.
    ·       Conclusion.

    What is AI?

    Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science that study and creation of machines that work or react like humans
    Moreover it’s the theory and development of computer systems that work like humans that includes visions, speech recognition, decision making, and translating among different languages.
    Best example of AI in smart phone is
    ·       Google voice speech
    ·       Google map
    Siri and Cortana are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile)
    Now we will discuss about history of Artificial Intelligence


    In 1950 English mathematician Alan Turing wrote a landmark paper titled  “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” that asked the question: “Can machines think” Further work came out of a 1956 workshop at Dartmouth sponsored by John McCarthy. In the proposal for that workshop, he coined the phrase a “study of Artificial Intelligence”

             Current Status of AI:

    AI work out on different thing in past few years
    •        Mobile phones
    •        Video Games character
    •        GPS or Voice Recognition
    •   Robotics (humanoid/Computer based)

    Artificial agent is divided into two parts:

    Software Agent

    It’s a set of programs that are designed to do particular task. They do work with limitation.

    ·    Physical Agent

    It’s a programmable system that can be used to perform variety of tasks. Simple robots can be used in manufacturing to do routine jobs such as assembling, welding, or painting. Some organizations use mobile robots that do routine delivery jobs such as distributing mails or correspondence to different rooms.

    The best part of AI is machine learning; it can be defined by its name “machine learning”
    A programmable system can do specific task and moreover that system can learn more by its environment that is known as machine learning.
    Its best example is Google’s Car.
    Google’s car is self-driving car that drives the car automatically on roads even in traffic. It will apply breaks automatically on red signal. Its speed automatically will increase or decrease. All there functionality depends on AI. Machine learning is the part of AI.
    You can see in video how man sits in car and it drive automatically. I wish to sit in this car, these are amazing moments.

    Future of AI

    Future of AI is like enhancement in self-driving and improvement in Medical Care & Treatment like heart surgeries and other sensitive operations and open up doors to future explorations etc.

    Most dangerous thing is robots are coming and our jobs are going out because of efficiency of robots.

    In future humanity is ending totally so then people will get humanoid robots as their friend. In organization due to AI many of employees will be fired of job. And AI robots will take a hold in organizations. Before many of scientist concluded that robots cannot think but scientist find out the solution of this by neurons that’s why AI robot can think and do many task like common sense that is also not common in common.


    •        Computing Power 
    •      Tolerance
    •        Power 
    •        Intuitive
    •     Thinking
    •   Judging Power


    •       Game playing
    •       Automated reasoning & Theorem proving
    •       Expert System
    •       Neural language & semantic modeling
    •       Planning & modeling
    •     Machine learning



           Precision and Accuracy
           Not able to act any different
          Space exploration
           Lack the human touch
           Used for mining process
           Lack a creative mind
          Can do laborious tasks
           Lack common sense
           Fraud detection, manage records.
          Lacking the emotional side
           Abilities of humans may diminish
          Can do repetitive and time-consuming tasks
           Wrong hands causes destruction


    Finally we can say that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of Computer Science that aims to create it.AI textbooks define the field as “The Study and Design of Intelligent Agents” where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize the chances of its success. John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1955, defines it as “The Science and Engineering of making intelligent Machines” 

    What is Object Oriented Programming ? | OOPs

    What is Object Oriented Programming ? | OOPs

    Object Oriented Programming

    Object oriented programmingis a technique in which programmers define not only data type of data structure but also types of operations that can be applied to the data structure.

    The basic concepts of Object oriented programming

    •       Abstraction
    •       Class
    •       Encapsulation
    •       Information hiding
    •       Inheritance
    •       Interface
    •       Messaging
    •       Object
    •      Polymorphism
    •      Procedure

    We will discuss all these basic concepts mention above about Object Oriented Programming


     Abstraction is the process of picking out or abstracting common features of objects and procedures.


    Class contains objects. There are different objects in class. In other words class in an instance of an object. Each object belongs to its class.


     Encapsulation is the wrapping or combing data which include variables and methods on which techniques or code acting or applying.

                Information Hiding: 

      Informationhiding is the best feature of Object Oriented Programming. In which necessary information is hidden from user. The real life example of information hiding is:
    Everyone knows ATM machine is for withdraw money but no one knows what’s going on back end.


        In inheritance the characteristics of class A transfers to class B. same as the parents and child relation. In which characteristics of parent transfer to the child but child characteristics cannot be transfer to the parent. In OOP its works similar.

       Interface in Object Oriented Programming: 

     First look at interface generally. Interface is the point between two things or a program that enables the user to communicate the computer.Similarly in Object Oriented Programming. interface is some syntax or structure that allows the computer to apply some certain strategies on object.

    Example:there are different classes Class truck, Class bike, Class Car but something is needed to start up that is engine (interface).


    Message passing is a form of communication used in parallel programming and Object Oriented Programming..


    An object is a component of program that knows how to perform certain actions and how to interact with other perspective of our program. Object is the basic component of Object Oriented Programming..In Object Oriented Programming object could be anything on which programmer work.


    1.    A person
    2.    A car


    In simple words we can define polymorphism as the ability of message or some text to be displayed in more than one form. Or best example is  a person which have more than one characteristics means he is a father, he is brother, he is son.
    In Object Oriented Programming, there are two types of polymorphism

     Compile time Polymorphism:

         In compile time polymorphism, where more than one method share same name with different parameter in Object Oriented Programming.

     Runtime Polymorphism:

    In Runtime polymorphism, where have same methods with same parameters in Object Oriented Programming.


    A procedure can be defined as a part or section of program that perform a specific task in Object Oriented Programming.

    In Object Oriented Programming language there depth in techniques, there different syntax techniques use to write programs, syntax is the rules or regulation of writing programs in Object Oriented Programming language.

                   Object oriented languages are 

    •       C++, 
    •        java
    •        Python,
    •        PHP, Ruby,
    •        Perl,
    •        Object Pascal,
    •        Swift,
    •        Common Lisp
    •        Smalltalk.

    Four Major Benefits of Object Oriented Programming:

    1.         Modularity for easier troubleshooting.
    2.         Reuse of code through inheritance.
    3.         Flexibility through polymorphism.
    4.         Effective problem solving.

    The most important applications of Object Oriented Programming are:

    Client-Server System.
    Object Oriented Database.
    l-Time System Design.
    Simulation and Modeling System.

     Hypertext and Hypermedia.
     Neural Networking and Parallel Programming.
     Office Automation System.
     Artificial Intelligence Expert System.
     CIM/CAD/CAM System.

    The applications are mentions above the major applications of
    Object Oriented Programming. Anybody can learn the Object Oriented Programming but some of few knows the where these skills have to apply. Programmers that have skills of Object Oriented Programming languages must demand much more salary for his work because it’s not easy to work or understand the machine. Today in the world human cannot bear other human’s behavior so how could it possible a programmer can work or understand the machine easily so he must demand much higher salary in his field.
    Thank you  😊
    For more information or any question just comment below and keep visiting us.