What is a Programmer ? | What are different programmers ?

Who is a Programmer? | What is a Programmer | Programmer 


A programmer is a person who is indulges with coding to complete projects related to website development software development and applications etc.  Programmer solves the real time problems of the people with his programming logic. He solves almost all problems to make people life easier. They are providing variety of solutions. 

1. Software Programmer

2. Website Developer / Web Programmer

3. Full Stack Developer / Programmer

4. Web Applications Developer / Web Application Programmer

5. Desktop Applications Programmer

6. Android Application Programmer

  • Software Programmer
software Programmer 

Programmers Provide the solutions about almost all categories that are used in this world to save our lives. For example commercial use software, personal use software, educational use software, organizational use software, utility software by using different programming languages like C,  Java,  C++, Python, Visual Programming etc to give the best solutions according to the clients requirements.
  • Website Developer / Web Programmer 
Web Programmer

A website developer or Web Programmer is a person who develops websites. A web Programmer provide solutions in websites he develop website according to the client requirements. He build as client require the solutions. They use  HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, PHP, MySql, Python, Ruby to provide best solutions according to client requirements, for example educational management system, online education system, community website, social media solutions etc.

  • Full Stack Developer / Programmer 
Full Stack Programmer 

Full Stack Developer / Programmer is a Programmer who develop a full website Front end and back end programming, they can provide a complete solution with knowing different programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java Script,  PHP,  Ruby, JQuery, Python, SQL, C, C++, Java etc. They provide a complete solution in website development and software solutions also.  
  • Web Application Developer / Programmer
Web Programmer 

Web Application Developer / Programmer are the programmer who provides solutions in developing the web applications. For example What's App web application that we can use in desktop devices. 
  •  Desktop Application Developer / Programmer
Desktop Application Programmer 

Desktop application Developer / Programmer is a programmer who develops Desktop Applications for example antivirus, Skype for desktop, Windows Calculator etc. 
  • Android Application Developer / Programmer
Android Application Developer / Programmer

Android Application Developer is a Programmer who developed the android applications they developed the applications according to client requirements and provide the solutions. Android application Programmer use Java language and Microsoft Xamrine to build android applications.

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What is a Programmer ? | What are different programmers ?
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