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What is Java

What is java?

Java is a general purpose object-oriented programming language that is used to develop general purpose applications’ originally it was developed for digital mobile devices such as mobile phones etc. But when Java 1.0 was released then it was used in websites development and developers use java for developing the web pages with animations, so java comes into websites in 1996 and developers make Java programming language as general purpose language. As java is an object-oriented programming language it means programmers can take classes in their code, objects in their code, inheritance and different functions can be performed.
Java is originally owned by Oracle, it was developed the early 90s and its first version was 1.0 and the latest version is launched in 2018 Java SE 10.

Fundamentals of java

The foundation of the Java programming language is taken from C++ we can say it has improved ideas of C++ to build a programming language that will be powerful and simple to use.

Security of java

The java is a programming language that is specially used for mobile devices so its security level is very high because the data have to exchange over networks, Java is a high-security level language to date.
In Java, we can control the functions by taking code in 3 different classes Public Class, Private class and Protected Class

How to start Java

Nothing is special for taking the start in Java as a beginner just you have to install java development kit and go to Java first program on Google write your programs in java development kit and experience the code of java with implementing the programs on your PC. If you have any problem related to your program then you have to put your problem to Google and you may find some solution and if you can’t find then you can search it on YouTube there are a lot of solutions and explains by different people. Join Social media groups like Facebook groups Google plus groups LinkedIn groups and other social media groups to take help from relevant people by posting your problem or error in your program join java development other website groups to take help.

Is there Java Free Software to download?

Java is free to for download all its software or developing tools you just have to visit the official website of java to download these tools from  or Oracle official website   

Why I should update java all the times?

 You should update your java tools or development kit so that all the new required and necessary updating installed on your system so that the developing application have new and advanced security and updates that will make your applications up-to-date according to requirements of the present world.  

Scope of java

The scope of java is very high because it is used in android development. Java is directly used in android or using with some frameworks so it is a very important language according to mobile phones and so many other aspects regarding facilitating the humans in the programming field.