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Why learn HTML?

Why learn HTML?

Why learn HTML
why learn HTML 
Here I will provide you detailed information about why learn HTML?

Understanding of websites

Learn HTML for the understanding of the websites how they work for us? We just click and we go to the next page or previous page? How to make effective website pages in HTML? There are different HTML versions and HTML5 is recent released and having great functionality to understand the web.

Developing websites

Html is used to develop websites for almost all type of uses like commercial or educational etc.HTML is basics for the website developers without HTML no one can develop websites.
Every programmer should have basic knowledge of HTML to develop websites. Without HTML no one can start developing websites because it’s the basics of website structure and layout all web pages are developed in html so all developers should learn html.

Start websites career

Learn HTML for start your website career, when you start making your website pages your own then you can show them to other people and try to show to people who can take help from you in respect to developing websites, develop websites free and be famous in people as website developer, make at least one website online and show people your website that is online then you will be able to start your career as website developer.

Learning Websites Development languages with Great Ease

Using HTML we can develop different websites using C java python etc. All functionality can used in developing websites and programmer can make useful websites using html and with programming languages.

Using Programming languages in web with efficient ways

HTML is great approach to develop web pages and we can use different programming languages to develop useful and commercial websites like PHP MySql, python, java, JavaScript, C, Ruby etc. HTML can take your journey from beginners to developer. Html will take as basic in these all and will use to develop website pages. Almost all layout of the website is designed with html. All stuff what we see when open the website page is designed with html.

Earn Money

You can develop front end website development with using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript, even you can earn money from freelance or join a software house as front end website developer or find online jobs in website development.

 Blogging career  

After having a little experience in HTML you can go for blogging and you will change your blogger theme according to your needs and this will help you a lot to help you in blogging career. You will change the things and will make your posts easily no need to know more about blogging it will help you to start blogging career.

SEO Career

HTML is useful to start seo a lot of things can do with the knowledge of HTML in seo. HTML is used with different seo tools. In SEO different HTML tags and functionality will be used in SEO.

Web Applications

HTML is used in web Applications so it is useful to develop web Applications, HTML is used almost all websites and web Applications.